About me


I am Matthias, I was born and raised in Austria and currently live in London, where I am studying International Management. Growing up in a small city near Vienna I developed my interest for the Automotive industry, which got me into a higher technical school for mechanical engineering. I was thrilled by the possibilities arising from modern technology, fuelling my creativity and innovative approach to problem solving. From a very young age, cars have been my biggest passion, and growing up I found pleasure in the freedom of driving. My love for driving, however, doesn’t affect my huge interest in autonomous mobility and the possibilities that it brings with it. I strongly believe in values and tradition but am even more thrilled about what is still to come, always driving me to innovate further and keep myself updated with the most recent developments in the industry.

in my mechanical engineering education I was able to find ways to innovate and develop new products, whereas I always found the biggest pleasure in the planning stage of innovation. This led me to the decision to choose an educational path that better prepares me for the strategic topics, which I could find at King’s College London. Going international has given me the chance to further develop my personality while also helping me to develop cultural intelligence, which I could demonstrate in various leadership workshops – including one in Bangalore (India), where I was able to meet leaders from all over the world to solve local problems.

Although all the theoretical knowledge helped me to better understand and analyse the current industry challenges, my biggest steps towards a career in automotive unarguably took place during my internships. Through a number of positions in various fields I got closer to my dream job in the strategy department of an OEM, which in 2019 should finally become true for the first time. My time at Audi in Ingolstadt really reassured me in my plans and was one of the most influential an exciting times for my personal development. I was able to positively contribute to the successful outcome of the project as expressed by my supervisor: “His approaches to find future- and customer oriented solutions in this complex environment found their way to a multimillion Euro tender.” I am really grateful for having been given incredible responsibility and trust by my team from the first day on, which ultimately will have a huge impact on my future career.

Now that I am back in London, I am looking forward to the time and challenges ahead!